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Soon we are going to announce our first movie LOVE JIHAD, which is expected to release by the end of this year. A romantic saga which touches the various forms of human emotions. An ultimate story of love, life and sacrifice. Please keep your eyes on to get the updates. The movie is an adaptation of Satyapal Chandràs novel, WHEN HEAVEN FALLS DOWN and story, screenplay and dialogue are jointly developed by Mr. Sonu Sahgham and Mr. Satyapal Chandra.

The story is all about how sometimes love can be so fascinating yet brutal. Sometimes we need to lose someone in order to discover who really we are. Sometimes people move away, giving us everything to remember.

A very intense story which touches the very untouched human emotions. A story which will soothe the core of your heart and make your soul enlightened by the different effervescent emotions.


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